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Hudson River
Catch & Release
Striped Bass Derby

Hudson River - From Troy to The Atlantic

Due to numerous issues we will not be running the derby in 2017.
Thanks for your interest.

Due to the major changes in fishing regulations we will be making some changes to our format.  You still need to enter the contest prior to submitting any fish.  You will get an entry number listed on your receipt.   If you catch any legal size fish you can bring it in to one of our stations, enter it in and release it.  Unfortunately looking at the regulations listed below there are no legal sized fish below 40 inches if you combine the NY and NJ regulations.  If you have a cell phone or tablet that can take and send photos then you can submit any striper.  Just take a photo, email it to with the subject being your entry number ( 2016XXXX ) and you will be entered.   Please measure at least the length and include that in your email.  That fish whether brought in or emailed will be your ticket to the prize raffle.  The top prize will be a split of the total receipts of the contest going to the winner and our Youth angler program - Around $1000.  Tickets will be drawn at random and prizes awarded. 

In the Hudson River and its tributaries north of the George Washington Bridge the open season is from April 1st through November 30th.   You may keep 1 fish between 18 and 28 inches or 1 fish larger than 40 inches.   In NJ the striper regulations are 1 fish at 28 to 43 inches and 1 above 43 inches.   As you can see we have 2 almost totally incompatible sets of rules. 
So we have decided to go with a strictly catch and release event.  

According to the NY State "Catch and Release   means catching and immediately releasing the caught fish without harm.   Measuring, weighing and photographing of the fish are permitted as long as the fish is not removed from the water for an extended period or handled in a manner that could cause it harm.  Fish may not be placed in a bucket, tub, livewell, on a string or any other holding device.  Catch and release angling is only permitted during the open season for a particular fish species."
For this event we will completely adhere to these NY DEP rules.

Because all fish are to be released there are no size limits.

*Please remember that these are pre-spawning fish and we are committed to preserving this great resource so please use exceptional care in handling these fish.

Please let us know what you think of this new format.

Please visit our Facebook page to let us know
your Thoughts.

Remember, length is added for live release.

The prize winners were drawn at Cornetta's Restaurant
after the event Saturday.
Of the 9 fish entered 5 got prizes.

Marine Radio went to 20160016
Auto inflate Life Vest - 20160012
Tackle baag with tackle - 20160005
HydraGlow underwater fishing light  - 20160008

Grand Prize split of the proceeds went to 20160037

Thanks to all who participated.


ALL entries must be emailed
All day Saturday until 5:00 PM

2016 Derby


Last minute registrations and questions  - Friday night April 29th until 8:00 PM at Cornettas
If you are registering by mail please be sure to get your application to the post office BEFORE Wed.

Slips may be available at the marinas - please ask the dockmasters.

Bait will be available in the Piermont area.
And at Bait & Tackle stores near each station.

Entry Fees

Show Special** Before April 1st April 1st - 29th
Main Contest EntryFee $20 $25 $35

** Buy your entry at our booth at the sportsmen's shows or an an HRFA meeting before April 1 and get a discount.

List of Prizes:

First Prize...                 $1000 or
The HRFA Youth angler program will split the total receipts with the winning angler
To be awarded to one of the fish entered
2nd 3rd etc. Prize... TBA All prizes will be chosen at random.  Bring in a legally caught fish or send us a cell phone photo release it alive and get an entry.
Entries will be drawn at random at the awards event in Conettas - all are invited.  OR check with the people at your local entry station.


Official Derby Rules

Rules and eligibility requirements.

1. Any angler participating in this event, UNDER THE AGE OF 18, must have a parent or guardian's signature on the application.
2. Applicants may fish from the shoreline or a boat.  Cell phone entries can be submitted from shore or a boat.
*** Cell phone entries - Catch a striper, take a photo showing the stripes* and the fisherman, RELEASE THE FISH ALIVE and email the photo to  
* remember the stripes on a striped bass are unique for each fish.
3. All participants must comply with all Coast Guard laws and rules, local law enforcement laws as well as New York State DEC laws.
4. If competing in a boat ALL ADULT OCCUPANTS must be entered in the Derby.
5. Only One Fish may be entered per registrant .
6. Any fish that is frozen, gaffed, foul hooked, snagged or caught in an unsporting manner as per IGFA* rules will be disqualified.
7. No treble hooks may be used while live bait fishing.
8. Fishing shall begin at 6:01 a.m. April 30 and continue through 5 p.m.  April 30, 2016.  Fish must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm to qualify for prizes.
9. Entry times will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Entry in station will close at 5:00 pm SHARP.  Email entries will be processed during the same hours.
10. The official entry stations are in Croton, Cornetta's Restaurant Liberty Landing Marina and Atlantis Marina Staten Island.


The entry number slip must be presented at the awards ceremony in order to collect the prize.


The Derby is not open to Tournament Staff.
13. ALL FISH brought to an entry station MUST COMPLY WITH STATE REGULATIONS.
in NY
Striped bass: marine waters (south of George Washington Bridge) minimum size 28 in. limit 1
Striped bass: Hudson River north of George Washington Bridge 18 - 28 in. or greater than 40 limit 1
in NJ
1 fish at 28 inches to less than 43 inches and 1 fish at 43 inches or greater.
14. All prizes shall be awarded at the Striped Bass Derby Awards Ceremony to be held this year at Cornetta's Restaurant at the conclusion of the event
15. When coming  in with your boat to the entry area, call ahead on Ch. 68 to allow us to prepare for you.


17. Our intent is to release EVERY FISH alive.  So if you do not have the facilities to bring fish to an entry station alive please follow the cell phone photo release methods.***

*** Cell Phone Photo Release
Handle any fish carefully and keep them out of water for a minimum amount of time.
Use a cell phone to take a photo of the fish and the angler showing the side of the fish and all its striipes.
Release the fish immediately after taking the photo.
Email the photo to as soon as possible after the fish is released.
The Subject: of the email should be your entry number.  It would be 2016NNNN where each N is a digit.
Your entry number is on your email or letter receipt for your entry.  You can call us anytime to check.`-
If you have trouble connecting to network service please change your location ASAP to obtain service)

Notice to ALL Participants! (From the HRFA guys who process your applications.)
  • If you did not receive your confirmation and entry forms, you must pick them up at any entry station
  • If you did not receive any confirmation or don't have an entry number please call or email any time to confirm.
  • Those with valid e-mail addresses should get their confirmations early.
    Those with no e-mail address will have to rely on the US Post Office which could take a couple of days to deliver.
  • Those who submitted on-line applications are processed immediately.
  • All boats coming in to the entry station should call first on Channel 68.   Inform us of your name, entry number, and if you have any fish to enter and are they alive to be released.
  • Limited dock space may be available on a first come -  first serve basis! 
    Check with the marinas
The derby will be held rain or shine. It is the sole responsibility of the captain of all entered boats to determine if weather and sea conditions are safe to fish.
Cornetta's Restaurant, the Atlantis  Marina, the New Jersey Chapter of the Hudson River Fishermen's Association, it's officers and tournament sponsors assume no responsibility or liability for any boats entered or individuals participating in the tournament.

email any questions to